Nehalennia´s Magic

Ingrid de Haas

130 Blz., ISBN 978 1 5210 6813 7     
Uitgegeven in eigen beheer, april 2017     

The North Sea swallows an entire town, with all its people and all its buildings. Two thousand years later, the magical statue from one of its temples reaches out to an archaeologist with some special powers and leads her to the submerged town. And so a long-forgotten goddess with a mysterious name sees the light again.

Ingrid de Haas spent the first half of her life traveling and living in various countries. When she was finally forced to settle down she decided to move through time. After obtaining a PhD in ancient Roman history, she began to write fiction and non-fiction. She especially likes to take her readers to the distant past, where they can often visit woman who can take care of themselves.

(Bovenstaande tekst komt van de achterkant van het boek)     

Historische roman, net binnen, wanneer ik 'm gelezen heb zal ik er hier een stukje over schrijven.