The Oracle of Nehalennia

Whispers from the Shells

Bela Síol

195 Blz., ISBN 978-85-5697-332-0     
Plus 33 orakel kaarten. Boek in Engels en Portugees     
Uitgave van Bela Síol, 2017     

Bela Síol is an intuitive and creative Brazilian pagan priestess, residing in NY since 2015.

In 2009 when she received Nehalennia as her personal deity, she didn't have any information about this mysterious Goddes.

Through the intervening years, exploring a wide variety of sources, with unrelenting passion and persistence, Bela Síol discovered Nehalennia was once a very important deity in the Netherlands, first as a local Goddess for the Morini tribe, and later adopted by the Romans as a seafarers protectress.

During her research journey to know and understand Nehalennia, Bela Síol was inspired to create an oracle as a tool of communication based on 33 symbols which she uncovered that were used in Her ancient worship, with information about their use included with each card. These symbols touch on nearly every aspect of one's life (body, heart and soul).

This Oracle of Nehalennia is a very precise, clear and objective tool offering guidance and insight to the Seeker.

An original symbolic system of divination easily learned with great depths of wisdom and insight.

Enjoy! Blessings of Nehalennia.

(Bovenstaande tekst komt van de achterkant van het boek)     



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